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Blog: What happens if your organization DOES NOT become more agile?

November 1, 2018

To answer the question, let’s first discuss what it means for an organization to be agile.  An agile organization proactively seek opportunities to identify and apply new ideas that improve organizational effectiveness. It also has a cultural mindset that values and encourages learning, collaboration and shared ownership of the vision, mission, and purpose of the organization.  Continue reading

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Blog: SEARS- The Agile Organization From Another Era Files Bankruptcy

October 15, 2018

Last night Sears filed for Chapter XI bankruptcy. Started in 1886 by Richard Sears as R.W. Sears Watch Company, it transformed retailing. Sears developed an innovative distribution delivery system and mail order catalog that offered virtually any product, to anyone, anywhere in the United States. They accomplished this feat by leveraging the US Postal Service’s Rural Free Delivery program that connected the most remote parts of the US. Sears recognized the opportunity to re-imagine retailing as a national versus a local business. In many ways, they started out like the Amazon of its day and then followed with retail stores across the country to become the Walmart as well. Continue reading

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Video: Will Your Family Business Stay in the Family Business

Family businesses are the lifeblood of the local and global economy yet there are challenges in keeping these businesses in the family.  This is the # video in the series of family and closely-held businesses. Continue reading

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Video: The Family & The Family Business

In this second video on family and closely-held businesses we discuss the 3 systems of a family business (family system, business system, ownership system) and the challenges of balancing those systems. Continue reading

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Video: The Family Business Challenge

In this video we breakdown with a Venn diagram the unique elements of the family business system. Continue reading

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Video: 5 Key Characteristics of a Successful Family Business

In analyzing best practices for success within a family business there are 5 Key Characteristics.  I bet they will surprise you. Continue reading


Capabilities Statement

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Duns: 08-080-5128 * Cage Code: Applied

NC Hub Certified * Minority-Owned Small Business – North Carolina-based; Operates Worldwide

611430  Professional and Management Development Training

541611  Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

541612  Human Resources Consulting Services


Cape Fear Partners, LLC (CFP) is aNorth Carolina based advisory and research firm with a “people centric” approach to supporting Fortune 500 companies, governments, closely-held enterprises, and educational institutions.  We are a leading authority in developing strategies to address the disruption related to Industry 4.0.  We provide services in three areas:

Talent Evaluation and Development

Organizations need an agile workforce.  We provide clients with comprehensive advice in the recruitment, onboarding, development and retention of talent across the spectrum of jobs.  We use EEOC compliant data-driven suite of assessments that are best-in-class to uncover individual and team behavioral styles, motivations and soft skills that translate into superior performance.

Innovation and Growth Operational Models

The disruption of technology, talent and competition is requiring organization to envision new opportunities and be highly responsive to remain competitive. Current business models are insufficiently responsive and resilient.  We support our clients through the application of dynamic thinking and structured innovation processes that go from people to new processes and product development to include all of the critical cultural elements of the organization.

Research & Analytics

We leverage our evaluative tools and in-depth work in the area of human talent development to enhanced analytical techniques such as multivariate equation modeling to uncover relational, causal and predictive performance that can further enhance opportunities for success.


Darsweil L. Rogers Partner, executive, coach and Certified Behavioral Analyst with 30+ years working with organizations across the US supporting organizational change, executive and mid-management development, strategic and dynamic thinking processes.  20+ years with JP Morgan Chase & Co, as corporate lender, insurance executive and strategist. 

David Pistrui, Ph.D., Partner, executive, entrepreneur and educator having served as an advisor to the states of North Carolina and Illinois, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Bahrain Institute of Banking and finance and Fortune 500 companies such as Tenneco and Ford. Holds Ph.D.’s in Applied Economics and Sociology.

Capabilities Statement Cape Fear Partners