Today, cultural and technical forces are reshaping the workplace and talent pipeline. In the public sector, Baby Boomers are a disproportionate percentage of the workforce and they are retiring at an accelerating pace. While Millennials and Generalization Z are disrupting traditional views on work – life balance and work ethic. Technology is also disrupting the workplace. It is creating the need for new skills and different ways of collaboration. As a consequence of these conditions, leadership succession and the development of an effective talent pipeline are paramount to the success of most public institutions today.

Course Objectives

This two-day interactive workshop provides participants with valuable information and develop a preliminary roadmap for implementing a talent and succession program.

Program objectives include:

  1. Gain an overview of the general principles associated with effective talent development and succession planning including strategy, demand, supply and gap analysis, plan development, plan implementation and evaluation.
  2. Define the current challenges and needs associated with creating an adequate talent pipeline in a changing work environment.
  3. Develop a customized roadmap for talent development and succession planning through frequent breakout sessions to apply the information from the workshop.
  4. Experience a process to uncover the key accountabilities and primary competencies associated with superior individual and team performance in the workplace.
  5. Review examples of data-driven frameworks, methods and models that can be used in the talent selection, retention and development processes.

Who should Attend this Workshop? 
This program is ideal for senior leadership, human resource managers and policymakers.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Deeper understanding of how generational succession is impacting the talent pool, personal views towards work, and talent pipeline development.
  2. New methods, models and techniques to improve the ability to identify talent opportunities and solve succession problems in the workplace.
  3. Practical techniques and tools relating to defining, implementing and measuring key accountabilities, job competencies and performance.
  4. Introduction to validated data-driven assessment and professional development resources for job benchmarking, performance reviews and professional development.
  5. Increased ability to develop a strategy and implement a plan for talent and succession.

Pre-course Assignment

Take a few minutes to reflect on the key succession and talent issues that are confronting you and your organization. Develop it into a 1-slide PowerPoint slide that answers the three following questions. Print it out and bring both a hard copy and electronic copy on a thumb drive.

  1. Identify three things that you are doing currently that are having a positive impact on your succession process and talent development.
  2. Identify three things that you are doing currently that are falling short of expectations related to your succession process and talent development.
  3. Identify three things/issues that are keeping you up at night, could be problems you need to solve and/or opportunities you see to make improvement.

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