To provide the world transformational insights and wisdom that has an exponential impact on people’s lives


Assist clients in building cultures whose focus is creating sustainable competitive organizations through the development of the talents of the workforce to perpetually deliver products and services that aligns with the needs and desires of the customer.


Compassionate honest, authenticity, empathy, wisdom derived from research and practice and life long learning


To assist our clients in building agile, innovative, performance driven organizations that achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in their chosen markets

Who is CFP Innovation?

CFP Innovation (CFP) are seasoned business professionals and distinguished academics providing guidance on the effective deployment of human and organizational resources.  CFP is a majority minority owned advisory firm.  We are a team of business executives, social scientists and engineers bring a holistic systems approach that integrates the human and business components to every engagement.  We have over 200 years of global experience working with Fortune 100 corporations, institutions, closely-held businesses and emerging growth companies.

CFP evolved from Cape Fear Partners as our practice moved beyond the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina into a global practice.  We are thought leaders working with clients on managing the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Agile Cultural Change (ICP-TAL) and human interaction leveraging data-driven tools and methods.

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