Leading in an Uncertain World

Real-Time Strategic Coaching Program

The world is changing at a pace that has not been experienced in over 100 years. Just consider the differences from three years ago in technology, social attitudes, health concerns, political turmoil, and talent disruptions.  What is truly alarming is many experts believe the pace of change is accelerating and will continue to accelerate over the next 20 years.

Rapid change makes decision making challenging because what was the “right” decision in the past can be a huge mistake today.  Also, when things change rapidly the need to evaluate and execute decisions needs to move faster.  But there is a problem.  Organizations are geared towards protecting silos and top-down thinking instead of on delivering value to stakeholders. Most of the workforce is disconnected and disengaged from the real-time challenges and goals of the organization. The centralized approach to decision making that was very successful in the 20thCentury is too slow to be effective today.  In our view, the winning organizations will be those who effectively tap into the unlimited human potential of the entire organization. This begins with senior leaders and policymakers gaining a greater understanding of the risk to a “business as usual” (status quo) mindset and culture.

21st Century Leadership Model – The New ROI

We call leveraging the talent of your entire organization the New ROI, which is Return on Intelligence.  The mindset of senior leaders and policymakers must shift from accumulating information to make decisions to being the biggest facilitators and distributors of information across the organization. This accelerates the ability of everyone to understand and respond to challenges and opportunities.  This new approach conveys trust and has the potential to unlock the unlimited capabilities of your employees.

Individual to Organizational Success Model



Real-Time Impact

We bring insights and advice that has an immediate impact on your approach to leadership through growing your emotional intelligence and mental agility. We broaden your understanding of the complexities of the human experience on an individual and organizational level.  We expand your knowledge of the impact of uncertainty on leaders and organizations.  It is natural for most people to be comfortable with a business-as-usual mindset regardless of the changes taking place around them.  This comfort with status quo thinking leads to strong emotional reactions when the need to change arises.  The response to change and uncertainty is the freeze, fight, or flight, instinct. The most successful leaders develop greater emotional awareness within themselves and their organizations to operate beyond their base instincts.  They learn to tap into more dynamic approaches to solving challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Our coaching approach combines emotional intelligence, mental agility, leadership, and open book management principles. This unlocks the capabilities of senior leaders and policymakers and then cascades these capabilities throughout the organization.  This harnesses the diverse perspectives and talents of everyone.

Once we have elevated the emotional intelligence of the team beyond their base instincts, the organization is prepared for a robust strategic planning process that places the stakeholder as the focus.  Our experience with clients, and observations in the overall market, is that the resistant to change will impede the planning process. Fear related to uncertainty will be met with overt and covert efforts to undermine the process.  This happens even when the changes are beneficial to those fighting the change.  We view creating a “Team of Leaders” as the best competitive advantage an organization can possess to be long-term winners.

Value Proposition

  1. Connects the resistance people have to change to the challenges in transforming an organization.
  2. Provide specific approaches to permanently improve your emotional intelligence and resiliency.
  3. Discover the concepts of “Dynamic Whole Brain Thinking” and how to apply these concepts to improve decision making.
  4. Understand why transforming an organization’s culture and mindset typically fails and how to implement more effective approaches using the concepts in this coaching process.
  5. Learn how we link the strategic transformation of the entire organization to the coaching process.

Benefits of the Program

  1. A key to emotional intelligence is being conscious of your actions and thoughts as they are occurring.This is awareness.  We explore the benefits of awareness and introduce you to several approaches to improving awareness.
  2. The opportunity to become a more dynamic whole brain thinker can be transformational.We share insights and strategies and incorporate exercises to support your personal development.
  3. Each participant receives a “Personal Owner’s Manual” that includes self-assessments. We encourage you to use the manual to better understand “who you are today” and “who you want to be” in the future.
  4. We introduce the principles of Open Book Management and discuss how to implement these in your organization.These principles include the benefits of creating a shared understanding, an alignment of authority, and collective rewards.
  5. We explore and provide specifics on how to persuade and maintain motivation over the long-term.
  6. We introduced data-driven tools to assist in developing personal and professional resiliency in emotional intelligence, behaviors, motivations, and skills.
  7. Explore the benefits of analyzing team dynamics using personality assessments and uncover how such knowledge will improve communication, productivity, and trust.

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