Our goal is to assist family and closely-held businesses to perpetuate across generations.  These organizations are strong job creators, provide stability, and local philanthropy to a community.  They are the engine that drives the local and global economy.  The challenge is these businesses are very fragile with less than 30% being transferred to the second generation and less that 12% transferring to the 3rd generation and less that 4% go to the 4th generation or beyond.  The videos and diagrams below explains the core challenge with these businesses because the family(ies) and the business are so closely connected.

Family Controlled Business Have Unique Challenges


As the video explained, there are 7 unique constituents, or groups, in a typical family business.  Each can have a very positive or negative influence on the wellbeing of the family and the business.  Below we share how through our expertise we assist family and closely-held organizations succeed.

There are five key characteristics of a successful family business.  They promote communication, education and the transfer of family wealth and a family philosophy through the generations.  They are important in achieving multi-generational success (watch the video):

    1. Develop a family council and have regular family meetings
    2. Creation of a family constitution
    3. Create a board of directors
    4. Create an advisory committee to support the CEO
    5. Develop a clear set of policies and procedures




Building a Partnership with the family, key advisors and the business.

Our role in the success of the family and closely-held business is the facilitate the close relationship among the key stakeholders in family and business success.  We support your existing trusted advisors be they accountants, lawyers, insurance professionals or wealth managers.  You need to have a strong team.  Contact us to discuss how we can assist you or one of your clients in achieving transgenerational success!

Business Success Cannot Make Up For Family Failure!