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Leading in an Uncertain World: How to Achieve Organizational Success in the Mid 21st Century

What are the best next steps to success?

The pace of change is accelerating at an exponential rate.  The introduction of artificial intelligence to the masses enhances the complexities and the opportunities to re-envision business and social opportunities.

In this video I discuss the challenges of leading an organization in this environment.  The central premise of the video is that organizations will succeed through the development of a more effective workforce.  Technology is great.  But it will be the knowledge and adaptability of the workforce that will determine long-term success. This development includes the board, senior leadership all the way to the administrative staff and production floor.  The video focuses on 4 key areas of personal and organizational development that are needed for success.  They are Emotional Intelligence, Mental Agility, Open Leadership and Financial Literacy.  As you go through the video you will realize and discover how they are interconnected.

We have specific programs to assist clients in the development of these critical attributes for success.  Contact us at to learn more.





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Agile Cultural Change: Embracing the Technological & Generational Change of the Next 20 Years

I was a session speaker for the TriAgile 2020 event.  Given CoVID 19  the event was virtual.  



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Leading and Collaborating with a Changing Workforce – Presentation

This is my keynote presentation at the Electricities Connections Summit held in February 2020 in Raleigh NC.  Most organizations are underutilizing their most valuable asset in ways that are virtually incalculable. I share insights on Millennials and Generation Z and the opportunities for all organizations.



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Can You Shift to an Agile Organization? YES! Video #4

Stop and learn how one of the most hierarchical organizations in history became agile.

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Agile Sprint Video #1: Introduction

This is the first of a series of videos on how an organization can achieve an agile cultural change.

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Agile Sprint Video #2: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

All of the disruption from technology and generational change will impact all organizations.  Opportunity exists to achieve competitive advantages through agility.  Stop and learn why.

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Agile Sprint Video #3: The New Role for Leadership

The pace of change makes it impossible for the old hierarchical approach to leadership to succeed in the future.  This video explains why and gives insights into how to make changes to improve your future success


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Video: Will Your Family Business Stay in the Family Business

Family businesses are the lifeblood of the local and global economy yet there are challenges in keeping these businesses in the family.  This is the # video in the series of family and closely-held businesses. Continue reading

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Video: The Family & The Family Business

In this second video on family and closely-held businesses we discuss the 3 systems of a family business (family system, business system, ownership system) and the challenges of balancing those systems. Continue reading

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Video: The Family Business Challenge

In this video we breakdown with a Venn diagram the unique elements of the family business system. Continue reading