A Comprehensive Approach to Developing A High Performing Organization

Hiring and developing the right people is possibly the single greatest challenge for organizations today.  You need to put the right people in the right jobs and give them the necessary tools to succeed.  You also need to develop effective leaders and teams and build a culture that allows for innovation and creativity all while achieving the vision and mission of the organization.  

Cape Fear Partners, (CFP) provides a comprehensive approach to developing high performing individuals and teams.  We work with our clients to effectively evaluate, hire and integrate new employees into the organization.   We also help develop your existing team into a more cohesive and higher performing group.  Our talent evaluation and development capabilities are useful at any level within the organization.

Recruiting and Hiring:  The best way to hire the right personnel is to have a clearer understanding of the specific characteristics and capabilities you will need today and in the future.  We help clients uncover the true needs of the organization through a collaborative process that leads to a data-driven Job Benchmark Report of the ideal employee candidate.  The Job Benchmark Report is used during the interview process.  It describes the competencies, motivators and behaviors of the ideal candidate.  It also recommends specific interview questions to ask that will uncover the key characteristics needed by your organization.  If you can get the right person using our approach, why would you ever do it the old fashion way?

On-Boarding and Assimilation:  There is an old-school mindset that says, “drop new employees in the deep end of the pool and see if they can swim”.  Or, give them a basic orientation of the tasks of the job and let them get to work.  Our approach is different.  We want to maximize your new employees’ chances of success while also accelerating the time it takes for them to become an effective member of the team. We work with the employee and manager to create an orientation program focused on providing the information and tools necessary for success.  We also create mutual understanding and expectation of the employee’s progress.  When expectations are aligned the odds of success accelerate.

Education and Development:  CFP believes that the most valuable resource in every organization are the people.  If you are a high-tech organization or a simple metal bender, success requires having competent, skilled and motivated employees.  Given the rapidly changing demands within organizations, you need to focus on expanding the capabilities of your senior leaders, managers and employees.  Having a workforce with diverse skills allows them to better adapt to shifting job requirements.  We help our clients strategize and define the current and future needs of the organization.  Then we develop customized training and team-building programs that support high performance.

Performance Development:  Where will the future leaders of your organization come from?  This is an ongoing challenge for organizations as they grapple with the retirement of the Baby Boom generation and the emergence of Millennials and Generation Z.  CFP brings the experience to assist the organization develop programs and models to assist your organization in building the leadership competency and capacity so you are ready for the future.  This can be especially effective with family generational succession.  Please ask us for more details. 

Using 21st Century Capabilities to Achieve Superior Performance

CFP uses best in class data-driven assessments and tools to assist you in defining the personnel needs of the organization.  Too often organizations are using a hiring approach dating back to the 19th Century of simply reviewing educational background, employment history, checking references and using “gut instinct” in making critical human resource decisions.  Allow us to share with you our 21st Century approach.  You will soon realize that using technology is just as effective in developing people as it is in the other parts of your business.

Goals are Temporary / Skills are Permanent 

Goals are Temporary / Skills are Permanent:  Every organization needs a workforce with a great set of skills that has the agility to adapt to the disruptions in the marketplace.  CFP has the coaching and training experience combined with our use of data-driven assessments and tools to customize training for senior leadership, engineers, call centers, administrative personnel, a salesforce and more.  It all begins with accurate diagnostic tools and an experienced consultant to pinpoint your organization’s unique needs to achieving higher performance.

Employee Retention and Job Satisfaction

Employee Retention and Job Satisfaction: When you invest the correct resources in your workforce you will begin to realize higher retention and job satisfaction.  A stable and satisfied workforce uncovers the untapped reservoir of higher performance every organization seeks.

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