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Leading in an Uncertain World: How to Achieve Organizational Success in the Mid 21st Century

What are the best next steps to success?

The pace of change is accelerating at an exponential rate.  The introduction of artificial intelligence to the masses enhances the complexities and the opportunities to re-envision business and social opportunities.

In this video I discuss the challenges of leading an organization in this environment.  The central premise of the video is that organizations will succeed through the development of a more effective workforce.  Technology is great.  But it will be the knowledge and adaptability of the workforce that will determine long-term success. This development includes the board, senior leadership all the way to the administrative staff and production floor.  The video focuses on 4 key areas of personal and organizational development that are needed for success.  They are Emotional Intelligence, Mental Agility, Open Leadership and Financial Literacy.  As you go through the video you will realize and discover how they are interconnected.

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