Thank you for your interest in the Leadership 100 Project Report.  This is a first of its kind analysis of the greater Fayetteville community.

Project Overview

The socioeconomic landscape is rapidly changing.  As organizations navigate change, leadership effectiveness will be paramount to success. Visionary leadership at the individual, organizational, and community levels is vital to socio-economic growth and a flourishing society.

The goal of the Leadership 100 Project Report (LPR) is to assist the greater Fayetteville leadership community in navigating through these challenging and exciting times. Cape Fear Partners (CFP), a Fayetteville, NC -based consulting, advisory and research firm working with TTI Success Insight (TTI SI), a Scottsdale, AZ the world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessment and coaching tools along with community thought leaders, identified over 100 individuals across industry, nonprofit, education, clergy, and civic sectors who are considered key to the region’s future.

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David and Darsweil

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